cotton worship dance gloves white or black $3.95  pair


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usually ships within 24 hours


  • 100% cotton
  • unisex sizing
  • ribbed backs
  • Worship dance, usher, mime ministry


Worship Glove-Measure-chart

Mime dance makeupClown_White
Worship dance Bow-Tie-Metallic

 mime white 2.25 oz  $7.95 

 mime white 7 oz  $12.95 

 mime white 16 oz  $19.95 

Mime dance Skin Prep Mehron

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 skin prep pro “no sweat” 4 oz  $10.95 

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 metallic bow ties clip on   $8.95 

 flash gloves  $4.95  pair

Worship dance Flash Gloves 1 of 2
Mime ministry dance Flash Gloves 2 of 2

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usually ships within 24 hours


  • one size fits most 8 year olds to adults
  • polyester stretch gloves
  • color on palms, white on backs of gloves
  • black and white, purple  and white, red and white, kelly green and white, navy blue and white, royal blue and white, maroon and white, yellow and white, orange and white,
  • Mime dance ministries, praise and worship




Worship Dance Flash Glovesroyal

 solid color stretch gloves  $3.95  pair

Praise dance solid color gloves 1 of 2


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usually ships within 24 hours


  • one size fits most 8 year olds to adults
  • polyester stretch gloves
  • yellow, kelly green, royal blue, ornage, black, maroon, purple, red
  • Worship and praise dance


solid color gloves red 2
Worship and praise dance solid color gloves 2 of 2




  • extends makeup wear
  • long lasting under stressful performance conditions
  • advance moisture barrier



  • first choice of professional clowns and mimes
  • makeup holds up under stressful performance conditions
  • specially formulated to be smooth and easy to work with
  • Mime dance ministry


mime white 16oz

16 oz

Mime dance Clown White Makeup Remover 101-2

 makeup remover 4oz oz  $7.95 

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Mehron Makeup has been the leader in professional makeup for over 90 years. Our products are used on the runway, stage, and movie sets around the world. Mehron Makeup is proud to offer distinct professional products for each of our three major makeup segments: beauty, body art, and performance. Proudly made in the USA since 1927.


  • fine cleansing cream
  • perfect for removal pf cream and makeup
  • non-abrasive and moisturizing


 face smoothie sponge $10.95 

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  • the shape contours hard-to-reach areas
Mime worship danceFace Smoothie Sponge 122FS-2

 metallic cummerbund   $15.95 

Praise worship dance Cummerbunds-Metallic

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