Flag Ministry Teaching DVD:
This life changing DVD is the first of its kind in the beginning of many flag teaching to come.  This teaching dvd contains Joe Brown delivering a biblical foundation for the ministry of flag and then demonstrating 10 powerful flag twirling movements used to minister the Lord.  Each flag worship  movement is clearly taught by Joe Brown and can be used to minister personally by oneself or with a flag team to the Lord.  Prepare to minister to the King with flags!  Run time 27 minutes.

$24.95 each

$44.95 For Both (Save $5.00)

Twirl Flag Teaching DVD:
Now’s the time to twirl in the fire of his presence.  Father and son team up to release this beginner’s twirl flag teaching DVD. Joe Brown Sr. instructs you through the basic movement in easy step-by-step demonstrations.  All the movements are practical with easy, clear demonstrations to learn the building blocks to becoming a twirl flagger for the Lord.  This flag worship DVD teaches all ages, children, teens and adult’s to twirl in the presence of the Lord.

$24.95 each

Joe Brown Flag Worship Ministry
Joe Brown Flag Twirling DVD
Joe Brown White Gloves Flag Twirling Worship

Flag Twirling Worship Instructional DVD’s by Joe Brown   Ships in 1-2 days

Set of 2 DVDs

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DVD-Joe-Brown-Flag Twirl Teaching Instructional
DVD-Joe-Brown-Flag-Ministry Instructional Teaching

Flag Worship DVD’s and Books

NEW! Flag Twirling Apparel and Accessories

Heavenly Impact Book

$14.95 each

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Book: “Heavenly Impact: Symbolic Praise, Worship, and Intercession. On Earth As It Is In Heaven”
by Jeannette Strauss

Heavenly Impact- Symbolic Praise, Worship & Intercession. "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" This book is a must read for those seeking a Biblical foundation for the use of symbolic tools of praise, worship and intercession. This information presents clear guidelines concerning their proper place and use.

Explore The Possibilities! Heavenly Impact guides you through history and explains the relevance of worship adornment as it identifies strategic value. Scripture references reveal that our actions on earth truly do have a "Heavenly Impact." Tools covered; Flags,Billows, Mat-teh', Shofar, Streamers, Tabrets and Veils. Vocabulary of movement and Biblical color symbolism.included.

If you have been interested in moving in a prophetic way, but haven't known how to start, this book will activate you! Author Jeanette Strauss- 168 pages..

Worship Prayer Veils are also available..



Book Praise and Worship Flags
Book Praise and Worship Flags back

Book: “Praise and Worship with Flags” by Delores Hillsman Harris

Delores gives a practical exercise on how the reader may get closer to God during worship. The most important things you must first do are confess your sin, repent from sin, and humble yourself before God. Turn on a worship song. As you listen to the song focus on the words. Let the words you hear jar your heart and memory of all the attributes you know about our Lord from scripture or experience. Think about these attributes. Wave the flags to the beat of the music while thanking and talking to God about His attributes. Verbally talk to God with heartfelt gratitude.

The book sends two messages to Church leaders. First, flags have a Biblical role and purpose in the Church. Second, the teaching in this book may spiritually grow members’ worship experience.

“Praise and Worship with Flags” may be used as a teaching tool.


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$11.95 each

“Heavenly Impact: Symbolic Praise, Worship, and Intercession. On Earth As It Is In Heaven” by Jeannette Strauss

“Praise and Worship with Flags” by Delores Hillsman Harris


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