Jesus the Bright &
Morning Star Tabret

Tabrets Jesus Bright Morning Star Worship Tabret
Worship Tabret King of Kings
Tabret Golden Annointing Worship Tabrets

Golden Annointing Tabret

$44.95 each

Worship Tabrets 9” round with 24” Metallic Streamers

King of Kings Tabret

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Tabret Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah Tabret

Glory Hoop 8” round with 24”  2-Color Metallic Streamers

$28.95 each

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Red and Gold “Fire”
Purple and Gold
Purple and Silve

Glory Finger Ring with 24” Metallic Streamers 

Purple and Gold
Blue and white
Red and gold
Purple and Silver
White Irridescent ($7.75 ea)

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$6.75 each

Glory Finger Hoop Ring with metallic streamers

Fruitful Annointing Tabret

Praise Dance Glory Hoops & Worship Tabrets

Glory Hoop Red Gold

Redemption Tabret

Worship Tabret Bride

The Bride Tabret

Click on photo for larger image

Praise Worship Tabret Redemption

Click on photo for larger image

Tabret Healing Waters

Healing Waters Tabret

Click on photo for larger image

Tabret Fruitful Annointing Praise Tabrets

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Prophetic Worship Tabret Holy Spirit Fire

Holy Spirit Fire Tabret

Click on photo for larger image

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Tabret New Beginnings

New Beginnings Tabret

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White Irridescent

These Glory finger rings are great for kids or adults 
They slide over your finger and you can wave them in a very small space. They are a wave offering unto the Lord.

Glory Hoops to match  Worship Tabrets

Glory Hoop 8” round to match Worship Tabrets

$36.95 each

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You can choose a Glory Hoop that has the same colors of streamer in it as your tabret. Some like to worship with a Tabret in one hand and a Glory hoop in another. Double anointing and wave offering unto the Lord. They come with a beautiful organza bag to store them in.

Tabret Praise and Worship New Song

Click on photo for larger image

Praise and Worship Tabret “New Song”

Click on photo for larger image

Glory Finger Ring Purple Gold

Glory Finger Ring
Purple and Gold

Glory Finger Ring Gred Gold Fire

Glory Finger Ring
Red and Gold

Finger Ring Closeup

Glory Hoop Purple and Silver

Glory Hoop Red and Gold Fire

Pre-decorated 15” Metallic Dance Hoops

Let your praise team stand out with these flashy metallic dance hoops!  Great for dance performances at a great low price.

15” diameter Hoop comes decorated with 13” x 3/16” strands.

Ships within 48 hours

Store in a cool place

Strand colors: Red, Silver, Hot Pink, Gold, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Kelly Green and Teal


Select Quantity


$7.75 each

$25.95 each

Buy 3 or more and SAVE on these sale items
Only $16.95 each when you buy 3 or more.
Note: if you need 3 or more in different colors, you’ll have to call us at 561-394-9214 to order.

Ships in 1-2 day from California


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